Franchise Investment

How much does a franchise cost?

Initial Franchise Fee:

Franchise A $25,900
(Includes a minimum of 50 Elementary Schools)

Franchise B $35,900
(Includes a minimum of 100 Elementary Schools)

This fee, paid to us, provides you with funding for your training, the website creation for your individual franchise, ongoing customer support, as well as other costs including legal fees that invariably come up as we proceed.

*In most circumstances both Franchise A and B will also include preschools and middle schools.

Investment Range:
$43,702 - $130,695

*Within this total is $25,900 - $71,900 that must be paid to the franchisor

This fee comprises the average range you will spend in your first year to market the services, the franchise fee, set up your office, purchase your supplies for classes that you book, and any legal and business fees that you incur, etc.

Liquid Capital:
Minimum $100,000 with a required net worth of $200,000

You will need capital to start your business because the first year is largely about sales to schools and investment in your business. And, when classes are booked, the ability to pay instructors, pay upfront school fees, and purchase supplies for each class.

What Do You Get for Your Investment?

  • Ongoing support and training for running and maintaining a Parker-Anderson Franchise.
  • Curriculum training for programs purchased.
  • Sales training for new accounts.
  • Comprehensive training for the Website Manual
  • Comprehensive training for the Operations Manual.
  • Training videos for your instructors.
  • Fifteen initial multi-week enrichment programs with additional programs added after each year in operation.
Franchise Investment Franchise Investment Franchise Investment