When you need care for your students outside of the regular school day, PACE is there. Parker-Anderson Childcare & Enrichment (PACE), is our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and our mission is to provide high-quality enrichment, academic support, and social-emotional youth programs to children of all income levels, PreK-8th grade.

Extended Day Includes :

  • Homework completion, study hall, small-group tutoring
  • Parker-Anderson Enrichment Classes
  • Experienced, engaging staff that are passionate about building relationships with kids
  • CPR/First Aid Certified Site Leaders
  • Personalized, whole-child support
  • Safety procedures and check-in/out methods aligned with school protocol
  • Social-emotional learning, teambuilding, arts, games and fun!

Core Values: Honesty, Adaptability, Delight

We believe that relationship-building is the heart of a successful youth program. Our methods are:

  • Individualized attention to kids' interests, academics, and social needs.
  • Ongoing professional development & coaching for our instructors, including director site visits.
  • Unrivaled communication and customer service for families and school staff.

Customized for your School

We can craft a program based on your school's needs and schedule - whether that's care before and after school, or hosting spelling bees and science fairs aligned to your school calendar! We strive to incorporate service projects focused on improving the world, starting within your own school and surrounding community. As a Heritage School registered with the California Department of Education, we offer monthly instruction in the culture and languages of French- and Spanish-speaking countries, through exploratory and hands-on projects.

Thank you!
Josh Parker & Jamie Anderson
Directors, Parker-Anderson Enrichment



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